About Suddenly, Tabletop

Suddenly, Tabletop is a pop-up RPG podcast. We bring tabletop out into the world to run adventures with new and experienced gamers alike, then release the adventure on our podcast so we can share it with you! 

We're based in Durham, NC, but also travel to gaming conventions to make new friends, run adventures, and produce more episodes for you. Whether home or abroad, we'll recruit players from our social media channels, so if you'd like to be on the show, follow us @suddenlytables on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook.



Neal is the Host, Gamemaster (GM), and Co-Creator of Suddenly, Tabletop. He designs the campaign setting, writes and runs the adventures, and organizes the production for the podcast. In his spare time, you'll find him wandering downtown Durham in search of tasty burgers, craft beer, and pickup one-shot adventures. 

Neal is also on Twitter @NealSquared.



Ronnie Rozbox is the Co-Host, Co-Creator and tiny-humanoid player on Suddenly, Tabletop. She makes sure players kind of know what they're walking into, mostly runs the social media, and encourages everyone to drink more whisky. When she's not yelling LIVE TINY DIE NEVER, she's attending various conventions to encourage reluctant people to play new games, making new friends, and collecting pizza shirts. Also, eating an unhealthy amount of pizza and drinking whisky.

You can find her on Instagram @ronnierozbox.



Robin Foster, the Audio Editor for Suddenly, Tabletop, spends his time hunting down and eradicating all the hisses, pops, and crackles that the audio gremlins leave behind. When he's not trying to make the podcast audio sound good, he's trying to make everything else sound good in the numerous local music endeavors he's involved in.

You can find him on Instagram at @theamiableviking.



Aaron Nail is the Audio Tech, Quality Reviewer, and one-time guest of the podcast. He is responsible for recording the podcast live and providing notes to the editing team, ensuring that our audio engineer can bring you the best listening experience every time. In his free time he enjoys tabletop gaming, playing trivia in Durham, wasting too much time reading online arguments, and watching movies (new and old) with his pals.

You can find him on Instagram @NailingEveryDay.