Campaign Setting

The Suddenly, Tabletop podcast takes place in a custom campaign setting designed for player-driven exploration. We have designed this setting to work in with the mechanics system of the 5th Edition of Dungeons and Dragons. You can use the information herein to build your own characters and run adventures in the world of Etheria.

The setting and adventures for this podcast have been built in accordance with the Wizards of the Coast’s Open Gaming License.


Setting Information

Here you will find general information on the setting to inform your roleplay and world-building: details on the world, its pantheon of gods, and more.


Races and Subraces

Our setting uses the same set of character races from the core rules of 5th Edition D&D, customized with information and subrace options specific to the people in the world of Etheria.


Class Archetypes

We have built additional archetypes per class, unique to this setting, with additional powers and feats for each of the 12 core classes in 5th Edition D&D.


Character Backgrounds

In addition to the new subraces and class archetypes, we have developed custom backgrounds to help integrate your characters into the world of Etheria.